ready to fight

You wanted to kill me
but you haven't done your job well
becauz I'm still alive
like you see – and like you'll feel

I'm ready to fight
to fight against you and your fucking system
to kill you
to crush your head
to rip off your guts
and every bit of your system

And if you kill me
I will die as martyr,
my ideology will survive
and the chosen people,
will revenge me

I'm ready to fight
I'm ready to die
becauz you can't
kill my mind
I will kill yours!

you can break my body
but you'll never break my mind
I am NOT and I will NEVER be
a slave of your fucking system

that's for you,
all your so holy people
did YOU ever were hungry
you pray to your god
and you kill the people on the street
with your vitriolic remarks
with your disrespect
but you feel yourself sacred

I'm ready to fight
against you and
against this fucking system
so gave me a sword and I'll kill
my enemies
and the enemies of my people!

the people of the well-thinking human beings
the people of the jokers
the people of everyone who want to know the truth
about our life
before us, you're nothing but a slug in the sun
an ant in the afterbirth
you're nothing!

and be scared
be scared to death because
*I* AM
ready to fight
ready to kill
ready to crush your heads
to rip off your guts
ready to fight!

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