nay th’ end

Death be nay th‘ end, they say
But I, standin‘ in a deep dark hole
I dare t‘ ask
if maybe th‘ end comes before Davy Jones‘ locker
dark an‘ intriguin‘ questions
asked winterlong durin‘ cold nights
Nay answers in these ruins build upon
ancient myths an‘ legends
nay more songs t‘ be sung by old men
this ivory tower has collapsed t‘ nothin‘ more
than a well
Davy Jones‘ locker be nay th‘ end, they say
I dare t‘ think: maybe destruction be
an‘ in th‘ same moment
I be collectin‘ pieces t‘ build
a new – me own tower
‚ere all me toughts shall be thought
‚ere I shall write me stories
‚ere I shall find protection
in deep winter nights

(International talk like a pirate day)

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